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Karen Peet OT/L Infant Feeding & Developmental Specialist


I am an OT infant feeding & developmental career specialist with over 30 years experience. My focus is birth to age one. My care is for both baby & parents, of term infants, preemies & those with special or complex diagnoses. It is imperative to support the family as a whole. • Extensive premature infant assessment & treatment w/focus on parent education, feeding progression, neuro protection, development. • Mother- baby lactation emotional & physical support. This includes tongue tie assessment & post frenotomy exercises, use of supplemental feeding at breast or with bottles, how to care for baby & support sleep/wake/feeding as age appropriate. Bottle selection and assessing baby’s oral motor skills, if concerns. • Feeding and developmental therapy for infants with complex cardiac defects • Pediatric feeding disorders or complications causing: failure to thrive, excessive reflux, aspiration concerns & need for strategizing improved intake & weight gain. • Developmental therapy, massage, splinting & positional support or for birth related issues such as brachial plexus injury, torticollis, limb abnormalities, muscle tightness. Recommendations & resources for more extensive medical or therapeutic needs, when warranted.

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